Self Storage Safety Features

Self Storage Safety Features

Self Storage there are several security features that you should be looking for before making your decision. However with these additional security features some self-storage options may choose to charge a higher rental level to compensate for the cost of maintaining these security devices. Knowing the different types of security features and understanding their purpose will help you decide if you exceed some of these security features.

Fencing and gates

Perimeter fencing is one of the most common security features offered by Dallas storage. Look for fencing that surrounds the entire facility with secure gate that can be reached by self-preservation customers. When considering a self-storage facility to store your belongings ensure that the facility is surrounded by high-quality fences some city regulations limit the height to the height but the higher the better. You also want to ensure that the fencing is well maintained inside and outside the storage device. Ask the boss if you can walk around and check out the fence and look for any weak spots in the fence. There are three basic types of fencing that Dallas self-contained facilities offer chain link wrought iron and wood.

Chain linkage is strong and enables visibility in the plant. Most storage areas that use chain link fencing combine it with a wrought iron gate which provides increased security. Wrought iron is robust but it can be the most cost effective feature. Wood fencing is the third type of fencing offered in Dallas storage facilities.


Look for Dallas storage with a lot of lighting; Make sure that the area where the storage facility is located is also in a well-lit place. This may mean light around the perimeter of the plant and at the entrance. Run the plant at night to see if all the lights are working properly and in good condition if the facility prioritizes maintaining these amenities you know that they make a priority for your belongings. The lamps should be visible inside and outside the storage room.


Deliver your own high quality lock giving you the extra assurance that your belongings are secure. If you are unsure of the type of lock you want to choose ask the administrator what kind of lock you should buy and where to buy the lock. Look for a lock that can not be easily cut by a bolt cutter. Some Dallas storage devices have recommended lock on site that you may be able to purchase. Once youve got your lock ask the facility about their access policy for your storage device. If the storage device does not already need it you might want to leave an additional key with the storage manager. This is if a key is lost if you are stationed away from your storage device and you have an emergency that requires a trusted friend access your storage device to retrieve something.


Some Dallas storage areas will have keypads to access the port of the facility. Each customer receives an access code that allows them to enter the storage facility. Without the access code the customer can not enter the facility to use his storage device. Check with the facility to see the hours as the keypad will work most devices will operate during normal operating hours unless the facility offers 24/7 access.


Most facilities have security cameras located at the main gate to monitor whos coming from the storage facility. See if there are more cameras on the basics and where they exist if you can not ask the boss. Determine if someone regularly observes the video presence to check any suspicious activities. Ask about the storage facility keeps a record of who comes to the keypad so the facility knows for sure who is using their devices all the time.

Manager on the website

Dallas storage operators often have someone living on the property so that a person can be present at the facility all the time. This person can be an employee owner or property manager if someone lives on the site be sure to introduce yourself and get their contact information if you need to access your device during an unscheduled hour. These people are here for added security and to help you in any case that are necessary by answering questions. Even if someone is in place other security features should be in place to protect your belongings. is committed to helping customers find self-storage locations quickly and easily by providing the location of storage devices and contact information for plants around the country.

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