Not only comics. An interview with STEVE BISSETTE
by smoky man
Interview conducted via email in July 2004. Excerpts have been printed in the Italian comics magazine Vertigo Presenta N. 42 (Magic Press).

Steve Bissette is one of the most appreciated comics professionals. Writer, artist, critic, publisher, his name is indissolubly related to the legendary 80s Swamp Thing run written by Alan Moore. Unfortunately for us readers, since 1999 he retired from the comics scene.

smoky man: Present days. What's Steve Bissette main occupation? I mean, you are not so much involved in the comics field...

STEVE BISSETTE: I'm not at all involved in the comics field, thank you for asking. I retired from comics at the close of 1999,

and since then have kept active creatively in pre-and-after hours writing (primarily about film, though I have completed some fiction in that time) and kept my hand in the ink by illustrating at least one book a year, primarily limited-editions for the horror fiction market. I've done at least one a year since 1990, including books by Joe Lansdale, Doug Winter, Neil Gaiman, Nancy Collins, Rick Hautala, and others.
The comics folks tend to ignore those completely, it's just beneath the radar, which is fine with me.
Let's see, this past winter I illustrated a
first novel, THE DRIFTING SOUL, by Matt Spencer, which is hitting local bookstores just this week. The prior two years, I did interior illos for the Cemetary Dance edition of Chris Golden's THE FERRYMAN and cover and interiors for Crossroads Press's edition of Nancy Collins' DEAD ROSES FOR A BLUE LADY. I'm currently doing interior illos for Joe Citro's WEIRD NEW ENGLAND, which won't be wrapping until next year; just started that gig, with a portrait of the Pigman of Northfield, Vermont. As a writer, I'm three-years into work on a book-length study of Vermont film and video, just completed the first issue of GREEN MOUNTAIN CINEMA, a paperback-format periodical on Vermont and New England film and video, and am wrapping up work on GOOSEFLESH,
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